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Christians have always been early adopters of technology; the Bible was one of the first publications to use the printing press. Today, we are being called to do what our ancestors did before us, to bring the church into a new technological world.
Paraphrased from The Wired Gene Chapter,
11 Genetic Gateways to Spiritual Awakening,
by Leonard Sweet

The Wired Disciple Resources site is intended to help churches use the Internet more effectively in online ministry. Included are a variety of resources to assist church site webmasters in the basics and to provide ideas and tools in expanding your online ministry projects.

Many of the resources on this site are geared towards American United Methodist Churches; however, much of the information is also pertinent to a variety of religious organizations.

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Church Site Domain Name and Hosting Information

In addition to creating your site, you need to find a place for it to reside on the Internet. This page provides a brief tutorial to what a domain name is, the benefits of having one, what hosting options are available, and things to consider when finding a site hosting provider.

This area will be developed soon...

Promotion of Your Website
(Search Engines and more!)

If you aren't a professional website designer (and for many who are!) you may not have a good feeling for which of the thousands of search engines available are useful. This section provides information about the main search engines, religious search engines, Christian portals, etc. It also touches on additional ways to promote your site.

Promoting Your Website

Your Suggestions

Coming soon, a way for you to share what has worked well (and what hasn't) for your organization's Internet ministry...


"Beyond the Basic Website"

This presentation was delivered to the United Methodist Church - Rocky Mountain Conference - Peaks Sub-District "Growing Our Ministries" Workshop on March 8, 2003. Presentation topics include essentials required on a 'Basic' website, lots of ideas for an 'Enhanced' website, and the goal of an 'Interactive' website that performs outreach ministry online. Additional information in this section includes links to all sites referred in the presentation, as well as an overwhelming list of ideas for your online ministry program!

The presentation and related information

UMC-Related Online Resources

This page is packed full of information and resources for United Methodist church and parachurch organization websites. References include UM organizational websites, Internet tools and hosting options available to UMC organizations, information about the UMCOM Web Ministry Guild, and more!

UMC-Related Online Resources

Recommended Reading

There are a few reports and studies about how Americans use the Internet for "religious surfing," as well as quite a few books that have been written about using the Internet for "e-vangelism," "e-ministry," and other types online ministries. These recommendations will give you a good starting place for further reading.

Recommended Reading

Visitor Log Analysis

A little-known fact is every time a person visits your website, information about what they looked at, where they came from, and even demographic information is recorded in your web server log. This presents a great opportunity in learning about what your visitors find valuable on your website. This section will be developed more soon.

Additional Wired Disciple Resources

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