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We only have a few sources recommended here, as we haven't had time to read all the good information out there! Hopefully coming soon: complete book reviews. In the meantime, to offer you more opportunities for learning, we've compiled a list of everything we're aware of so far, which isn't much. If you have an additional book, journal or report to add or review, please contact the webmaster at WiredDiscipleProject@tumc-loveland.org.

  • Pew Internet & American Life Reports

  • eMinistry, by Andrew Careaga
    Published 2001, this is one of the most current books I could find. Apparently it's a sequel to eVangelism, which was supposedly an excellent book but is now out of print. eMinistry is an excellent book! This is a MUST-READ for all youth leaders and anyone in Youth Ministry.

  • The Internet Church, by Walter P. Wilson
    Published 2000, this book is a good read, but out of date already. If you feel like you are being called in the technological direction, this book will give you the incentive to follow your path!

  • Additional Books Available:
    • New Tools for a New Century, by John P. Jewell (this encompasses all media, not just web)
    • Give Me That Online Religion, by Brenda E. Brasher (looks promising)
    • Books by Leonard Sweet
    • Reports by George Barna

Additional Wired Disciple Resources

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The Wired Disciple Resources site is intended to help churches use the Internet more effectively in online ministry. Included are a variety of resources to assist church site webmasters in the basics and to provide ideas and tools in expanding your online ministry projects.

If you have anything to contribute to this site or any requests for content, please contact the webmaster at WiredDiscipleProject@tumc-loveland.org.