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Veterinary Epidemiologic Research - by Ian Dohoo, Wayne Martin a
The web site for the textbook by Dohoo et al., with sample datasets and errata. url
Statistics, Epidemiology, Textbooks
FMD-CSF Coordination Action site
Information resource for foot-and-mouth disease and classical swine fever url
FMD, Foot and mouth disease, Epidemiology, CSF, Classical swine fever
A platform for spatial modeling of disease spread… url
Ph.D. project, Computer simulation, Disease modeling, Epidemiology
EpiVetNet: Sampling
Software for sample size and related calculations… url
Epidemiology, Veterinary epidemiology, Scientific software
Resources for veterinary epidemiology… url
Epidemiology, Veterinary epidemiology, Scientific software
Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Fall 2004/2005 - Tufts OpenCours
Open courseware in Epidemiology, published by Tufts University… url
Epidemiology, Teaching resources
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