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How to write comments
Pretty good article on how/why to write comments in code… url
Comments, Programming - general
Making Code Perfectly Clear
An article by Peter Coffee, discussing the value of documentation.,1895… url
Comments, Programming, Programming - general
Now Let's Review
A discussion of the value of code review.… url
Comments, Programming - general
A decent setup package creator for Windows. Great for beginners or simple setups, but not as powerful as Inno Setup or NSIS. Shareware.… url
Programming - general, Installers, Windows programming
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS)
A fully script-driven setup package creator for Windows applications with a dizzying number of options. Open source. url
Programming - general, Installers, Source code, Open source software, Windows programming, Source Forge, NSIS
Building And Using Static And Shared
A very helpful discussion of static and shared linking on Linux/UNIX and similar systems.… url
Programming - general, GCC, Libraries
Delphi at the Borland Developer Network
A reasonably good source of information about the Delphi programming language. url
Delphi, Programming - general
Polygon Area and Centroid
Algorithms for determining polygon area and centroid… url
Graphics programming, Programming - general
Develop Web applications for local use
A white paper on the use of web-based applications for local, rather than network, use… url
Programming - general, Network programming
Web Python Tutorial
A simple introduction to the Python scripting language url
Programming - general, Scripting, Python
Indent - Table of Contents
User's manual for the Linux/Unix indent tool… url
Programming - general, Pretty printer, Linux/Unix tools
Rosetta Code
a repository for code examples that go beyond the traditional "Hello World!" example.… url
Programming - general, Source code
Tutorial: Create a NSIS install script… url
Programming - general, Installers, NSIS
Trying to read *.csv files
Qt code for dealing with CSV files… url
Programming - general, CSV file format, comma separated values
libmba: useful routines in C
A collection of useful functions, written in C and published under the MIT license… url
Programming - general, Open source software, C
Source code for reading Microsoft Excel files url
Programming - general, Open source software, C, Microsoft Excel
Handbook of Algorithms and Data Structures
Source code for a variety of useful algorithms… url
Delphi, Programming - general, Source code, Algorithms, C, Pascal
SQLite home page
SQLite is a small C library that implements a self-contained, embeddable, zero-configuration SQL database engine. url
Database programming, Programming - general, Structured query language, SQLite
RAD Studio XE2
Using Delphi XE2… url
Delphi, Programming - general
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