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Double buffering
A double buffering example in Delphi… url
Delphi, Double buffering, Graphics programming, Programming
How to compile Qt 4.0.0 OpenSource/Windows with MinGW… url
C++, Programming, Qt, Qt 4, JetSQLConsole - developers
How build MySQL plugin on qt4-opensource-mingw.exe… url
C++, Database programming, MySql, Programming, Qt, Qt 4
C++ programming style guidelines
An excellent source for a sample style guideline.… url
C++, Comments, Programming
How to get Dev-C++ and QT 4 to work?… url
C++, Dev-C++, Programming, Qt, Qt 4, JetSQLConsole - developers
PHP home page url
Programming, Web programming, PHP, Scripting
Slashdot: Ultra-Stable Software Design in C ?
Interesting discussion of strategies for working with C++ and other languages… url
C++, Programming
TEdit Overlay on TStringGrid Component - Trouble getting SelectC… url
Delphi, Programming, Delphi controls, GUI programming
C/C++ Source Code Search Engine
A search engine for existing C/C++ source code url
C++, Programming, Source code, Search engines
TRegExpr library
Regular expressions for Delphi… url
Delphi, Programming, Regular expressions
Delphi Basics url
Delphi, Programming
Delphi Fundamentals
A set of libraries that includes everything Delphi left out. Unfortunately, this collection is not available under a GPL-compatible license.… url
Delphi, Programming, Source code
Binary Trees… url
C++, Programming, Algorithms
How to get CPU usage by performance counters (without PDH)… url
C++, Programming, Source code, Windows programming
Making Code Perfectly Clear
An article by Peter Coffee, discussing the value of documentation.,1895… url
Comments, Programming, Programming - general
569 - The C resources network
A great site for basic information about C/C++ basic features and syntax. url
C++, Programming
The premier site for open source software development, and the home of RDD's open source development efforts. url
Programming, Source code, Open source software
Qt Reference Documentation (version 2.3)
Invaluable information for Qt 2.3.x programmers.… url
C++, Programming, Qt, GUI programming, Open source software, JetSQLConsole - developers
Qt Reference Documentation (Version 4.0, Open Source Edition)
Invaluable documentation for Qt 4 developers.… url
C++, Programming, Qt 4, GUI programming, Open source software, JetSQLConsole - developers
CVS - Open Source Version Control
The standard open source version control system for plain text files. url
Programming, CVS
The Dev-C ++ Resource Site
Home page for the Dev-C++ IDE, an open source alternative to Visual C++.… url
C++, Dev-C++, Programming, Open source software, Windows programming, C, IDEs
Double Buffering
How to effectively use CopyRect to implement double buffering in Delphi… url
Delphi, Double buffering, Graphics programming, Programming
Object Pascal (Delphi) Templates (English)
Simulating templates in Delphi… url
Delphi, Programming
delphi - balanced binary trees
A data structure that offers very fast searches… url
Delphi, Programming
CodeGear Home Page
Home page of the company that now produces Delphi and other formerly Borland development tools. url
Delphi, Programming, Windows programming
FastMM is a lightning fast replacement memory manager for Embarcadero Delphi Win32 and Win64 applications that is not prone to memory fragmentation, and supports shared memory without the use of external .DLL files.… url
Delphi, Programming, Open source software, FastMM
Use the full FastMM
More information about FastMM… url
Delphi, Programming, Open source software, FastMM
Using FastMM4 for debugging your memory allocations… url
Delphi, Programming, Open source software, FastMM
Delphi XE 2 Release, Part 2: 64bit
Porting Delphi apps to 64 bit… url
Delphi, Programming
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