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Enumerating Logon Sessions… url
Atriplex, C++, Source code, Windows programming, Windows logon
How to get CPU usage by performance counters (without PDH)… url
C++, Programming, Source code, Windows programming
A decent setup package creator for Windows. Great for beginners or simple setups, but not as powerful as Inno Setup or NSIS. Shareware.… url
Programming - general, Installers, Windows programming
Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS)
A fully script-driven setup package creator for Windows applications with a dizzying number of options. Open source. url
Programming - general, Installers, Source code, Open source software, Windows programming, Source Forge, NSIS
Inno Setup
A scriptable setup package creator that seems far easier to use than NSIS, especially with the QuickStart pack installed. Open source. url
Installers, Open source software, Windows programming
The Dev-C ++ Resource Site
Home page for the Dev-C++ IDE, an open source alternative to Visual C++.… url
C++, Dev-C++, Programming, Open source software, Windows programming, C, IDEs
658 Dev-C++
SourceForge page for Dev-C++.… url
Dev-C++, Windows programming, IDEs
MSDN Library
A good source of information for Windows development.… url
Microsoft, Windows programming
Detect an Windows Administrator Login
How to use Delphi to determine if the current Windows user has administrative privileges.… url
Delphi, Source code, Windows programming
Detecting current user name, computer name ,username, and IP add
How to use Delphi to detect the name of the current user, the computer name, and the computer's IP address… url
Delphi, Source code, Windows programming
How to get operating system version information
Using Delphi to obtain information about the running operating system… url
Delphi, Windows programming
Creating Start menu and desktop shortcuts in Delphi… url
Delphi, Source code, Windows programming
Exercising the Firewall using C
Controlling the Windows Firewall programmatically… url
Source code, Windows programming, C, Network programming, Windows firewall
CodeGear Home Page
Home page of the company that now produces Delphi and other formerly Borland development tools. url
Delphi, Programming, Windows programming
How to Detect the Start Move/Resize, Move and Stop Move/Resize e… url
Delphi, Delphi controls, Source code, Windows programming, Windows messages
Creating PHP extensions in Delphi… url
Delphi, Web programming, PHP, Windows programming
Drawing on Delphi TPaintBox
Differences between TPaintBox and TImage… url
Delphi, Graphics programming, Delphi controls, Windows programming
Multi-Resolution Delphi Applications
Dealing with scaling problems in Delphi… url
Delphi, Windows programming
Equivalent of DoEvents in C++… url
Source code, Windows programming
DoEvents in C++… url
Source code, Windows programming
Using ADO in C ++… url
ADO/ADOX, Database programming, Source code, Windows programming
INFO: Using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) via #import in VC… url
ADO/ADOX, Database programming, Windows programming
CDECL calling convention in VB 6.0 - VBForums
Using Visual Basic with DLLs written in C… url
Windows programming, C, Libraries, DLL, Visual Basic
Using Processes and Threads… url
Windows programming
Qt 4.1: Creating ActiveX controls with Qt… url
Qt 4, Delphi controls, Windows programming, ActiveX
MD5sums for Windows… url
Windows programming, Checksum
DUNIT: An Xtreme testing framework for Delphi programs url
Delphi, Windows programming, Unit testing, DUnit
Xtreme testing for Delphi programs… url
Delphi, Windows programming, Unit testing, DUnit
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