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Current: Disease modeling   |   Refine: Ph.D. project   |  Foot and mouth disease   |  Computer simulation   |  Open source software   |  APHI   |  Epidemiology   |  Network analysis   |  Influenza   |  Swine flu   |  
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NAADSM The North American Animal Disease Spread Model
The home page for the North American Animal Disease Spread Model. url
Ph.D. project, Foot and mouth disease, Computer simulation, Open source software, APHI, Disease modeling
A platform for spatial modeling of disease spread… url
Ph.D. project, Computer simulation, Disease modeling, Epidemiology
Contagion - Free Software for Network Analysis & Generation, and url
Disease modeling, Network analysis
Models' Projections for Flu Miss Mark by Wide Margin - NYTimes.c… url
Disease modeling, Influenza, Swine flu
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