Marketing Experience

Since January 1998, I have worked on the Marketing Programs Team for the Measurement Systems Division at Hewlett-Packard Company. My primary responsibilities have revolved around the Internet. I manage an internal website which is one of the primary field resources for information about our products and programs. I also manage all of our external product websites, for pre-sales and marketing information, post-sales and support information, demos, application stories, etc.

Our division is very customer-centric. My job is to make sure that our customers can find the information they are looking for on the web, no matter what type of information they may be looking for.

The projects and programs I have run this past year include:

  • Including our products in a new e-commerce program
  • Deveopling and teaching a variety of classes and individuals the basics of creating and designing a website effectively
  • Creating a new website to address customers needs, simplifying their search through the HP website for information on electronics manufacturing.
  • Developing a program to get feature stories written and given to international websites for localization.
  • Maintaining and upgrading a configuration tool that helps customers and sales people assemble a VXI system.
  • Restructuring the internal site for ease of use; gaining cooperation from content owners for the field website

1994-1997, I worked on the Marketing Programs Team for the OpenView Software Division for Hewlett-Packard Company. Primary responsibilities focused around creating and delivering sales and marketing tools. These responsibilities included the development of printed and web tools, implementation, and process improvements.

In addition to creating sales tools, another major accomplishment was the development of a communication process to a new, indirect channel. Although we utilized existing communication vehicles, the process included the investigation to find what tools were available, prioritization based on cost and effectiveness, proposing an execution plan, implementing it, and training the product teams on how to market to the new channel.

The Marketing Programs Team, renamed the Brand Preference and Awareness Team, covers the major outbound marketing communications programs in the OpenView Software Division. As such, I have some experience in developing marketing messages and brand awareness, and limited knowledge of trade shows, press relations and advertising.

For detailed information about my marketing experience, look at my professional experience.