Working With People

Leadership Vendor Relations Team Player People Skills

Account Representative
My husband and I began a business in 1998 helping small businesses create websites and to use the Internet effectively. I am the primary interface to the customers for our business.


1999 Develop and teach E-Commerce class to MESA students.
1998 Lead a cross-divisional team to consolidate multiple websites.
1998 Mentor to HP SEED Summer Student
1997 Offered division training on "How to Market to the Indirect Channel".
1995 Offered division training on "How to Use Electronic Sales Partner".
1994 Qualified as a United Methodist Volunteers In Mission Team Leader.
1993-1994 Weekend management of one-hour photo shop.
1993 Lead a volunteer team for week-long emergency home repair, the Appalachia Service Project.
1993 Lead a weekend retreat for religious group, and wrote a sermon.


Vendor Relations
One of the responsibilities in my current and previous positions is to manage external and internal vendors and independent contractors for production of websites, computer scripts, sales tools, including writing, design, printing and distribution. This relationship management involves introducing vendors to our messaging, having periodic meetings to review past, present and future involvement, correcting their courses when their actions have strayed beyond acceptable limits, and managing proposals and bids.


Team Player
The following list represents what peers and customers have said about me regarding being a team player.

  • Acts on own initiative
  • Quality-conscious; acts on influencing others to maintain high level of quality
  • Dependable, reliable, trusted by peers
  • Open, direct, willing to say what needs to be said, shares appropriate information
  • Recognizes the contributions of others, and is very effective at communicating appreciation
  • Excellent at teamwork, people skills are just great, wonderful at working with people, typically on people's good side
  • Takes pride in honesty, candor and openness with others


Functional People Skills
The following list represents skills I have used and developed.

  • Training others
  • Advising others, consulting
  • Negotiating compromises
  • Making decisions based on solid facts
  • Empathizing to understand others' point of view
  • Sensing people's emotions, reactions
  • Serving the needs of others