Project Management

As Electronic Commerce Manager, my primary function is program management. In addition to devising and implementing web projects, and working with and training others to implement them, I manage the overall web program. Our division alone has more than 12 websites. My job is to pull them all together to form one cohesive, well thought out, well integrated machine. I have a budget of six figures, and host of internal and external vendors to work with.

I pull together the variety of products and programs within our division to present a single message and voice to the customer. This involves working with the entire marketing team to ensure all programs and activities tie together, especially in the multimedia web/printed mix of promotions.

As a Marketing Programs Integrator, my primary function was project management. I focused on sales tools for OpenView solutions, programs and brand awareness and preference. I managed projects in the entire process of tool creation and development, including

  • concept proposal approval
  • definition of objectives
  • determination of tool type and format
  • content creation and shaping
  • vendor and contractor requests for proposals
  • bid negotiations
  • layout and design
  • review process with core team
  • finalization of tool design
  • distribution and delivery of tool

A portfolio of projects is available upon request.