Web Experience

I have had a variety of experiences with the World Wide Web. I currently am "webmaster" of four personal sites; I am the Electronic Commerce Manager for MXD at Hewlett-Packard, managing over 12 sites there; My husband and I together have designed and developed several professional websites in our business.

My web experience includes design and layout of a site; integrating the site with an overall marketing plan; using scripts for interaction such as feedback forms and search engines.

Follow the links below to visit the sites I've created.

  • I did the majority of the design work to create our business website, Reeves Computing Solutions.
  • I recently completed a couple of scripting jobs for the Sibley Group. Take a look at the feedback form and the counter on the home page (lower right-hand corner, it blends in with the site).
  • My husband and I completed the Good Earth website, a retail shop online. It has an order form that must be printed off and faxed to place an order.
  • After designing the site, the company changed their name, which required a change in the style of the site. To see the same site with the facelift I gave it, see the Chesapeake City Gift & Gourmet site.
  • My husband and I redesigned the Cell and Molecular Biology Program web site at Colorado State University. My husband has since taken over primary design of this site.
  • Cruachan is a site I began with my husband in 1995. This site consists of pictures and information that I gathered while in Scotland. It is a general-interest site, and is located on Geocities. I am now the only person involved with this site, and I update it as time permits. (Sorry, this is a very old site. I hesitate to even include the link.)
  • I also maintain two sites that are intended for family use. They consist of pictures and stories of my family. They are not registered with any search engine, and are not intended for public display. URLs upon request.

In addition to maintaining the sites mentioned above, I also directed the development and implementation of the first database-driven website on the HP OpenView web. The Solutions Catalog consisted of over 300 pages listing products and partners. This site was produced by ElektraVision of Fort Collins, CO. Previously all pages on the HP OpenView web had been coded uniquely, without any automation. The catalog at this point was converted into an Access database, allowing a script to be run to produce the pages.

For more information about my web skills, take a look at my Computer Skills.