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My love is like a red, red rose
That's newly sprung in June.
Robert Burns (1759 - 1796)
Scottish Poet






Found on the Road to the Isles, Eilean Donan Castle is often called Scotland's most romantic castle. It's certainly seen many great "warriors", from the Vikings to James Bond.


... a rose bush that blooms in every color


This photo was my very first photo ever framed. I took it when I was about eight years old with a Polaroid camera, shooting straight into the sun while my mother informed me I couldn't do such a thing!









A note of thanks: Everything I have learned in taking photographs came from my mother, Laurene Poole. Ever since my first Polaroid, she has been a constant source of encouragement and knowledge, and I thank you, Mom! Visit her website: LKPhoto.


All of these images are under copyright protection. However, some of the images are available for use: 1) if you would like to use any of these images for non-profit and/or non-commercial use, please contact me for permission, and I will send an appropriately-sized and un-edited (without frames or borders) copy of the file. 2) If you would like to purchase any of the images, contact me with the name of the image you would like and preferred size. Most images are also available as greeting cards, mouse pads & bookmarks.

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