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"From a Christian perspective, God is doing something historic, and we need to pay serious attention to the [Internet] tools He is giving us. There is no doubt He intends for us to use them to spread His Word."
From The Internet Church,
by Walter P. Wilson

"Beyond the Basic Website"

This presentation was delivered to the United Methodist Church - Rocky Mountain Conference - Peaks Sub-District, "Growing Our Ministries" Workshop on March 8, 2003.

Presentation Outline:

  1. What Can a Christian Website Do?
  2. The Basic Website
  3. Website Usability & Accessibility Issues
  4. How Can People Find Your Site?
  5. Beyond the Basics
  6. Who is Looking at Your Site?
  7. Where is Your Audience?
  8. Visitor Logs
  9. Enhanced Websites: For Your Congregation
  10. Enhanced Websites: For Seekers
  11. Enhanced Websites: For Youth
  12. Interactive Websites: Establishing Communication & Building Relationships
  13. Interactive Websites: Ideas
  14. The Wired Disciple Project
  15. Questions to Answer Before Starting an Online Ministry Program
  16. Technology & the Congregation
  17. Keys to Remember

The Presentation (.pdf)

1,325 KB PDF file

If you are interested in having a copy of this in the original Apple Keynote format or Microsoft PowerPoint format for personal use or for presenting to your organization, please contact cindy@reevesdigital.com.

More Ideas!

The presentation touched on a few ideas of what a website can do for your congregation, community and seekers. The following pages are lists of MANY more ideas! If you would like to discuss any of these ideas in more detail, or to share your own ideas, please contact the Wired Disciple Project team, WiredDiscipleProject@tumc-loveland.org.

The Overwhelming List of Ideas


The presentation has many examples and references. This page lists all of the URLs referred to in the presentation.


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The Wired Disciple Resources site is intended to help churches use the Internet more effectively in online ministry. Included are a variety of resources to assist church site webmasters in the basics and to provide ideas and tools in expanding your online ministry projects.

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